Bridge District

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Sycamore & Oak

Redbrick LMD partnered with Emerson Collective to construct a 22,000 sq ft mass timber building, home to 13 local minority-owned businesses and a community event space with the intent of providing necessary retail, food, and entertainment while stimulating economic growth. This is the first phase of what is anticipated to be a 650,000-square-foot mass timber structure which will include affordable housing, a hotel, and ground floor shops and restaurants, all of which are designed to support local residents as well as the 15,000+ employees now located on the St. Elizabeths campus, including Whitman-Walker, Homeland Security and others. This one-of-a-kind development is designed to maximize impact, with its community-first objective and pioneering approach as the first commercial building in the DC area to be constructed entirely of mass timber. Sycamore & Oak was developed with significant input and partnership with the community based on the expressed need to create wealth for community members via entrepreneurship. Sycamore & Oak is proud to be the home of eight local minority-owned retailers, including the first fitness center east of the Anacostia River, and five minority-owned food vendors mentored by Think Food Group, as well as a food market.